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Get Textured Ceiling Removal Service in Riverside

So were the days of bellbottoms, vinyl records and popcorn ceilings. If your reminder of the yesteryears involves gazing up at the ceiling, then consider removing your textured surfaces for a more polished look. Julian Ramos Painting offers professional and affordable texture removal services for all types of surfaces. It’s a messy, dreadful task, removing textured ceilings. Although, we’re up for it. Our texture removal professionals know an efficient and professional way to remove your knockdown textured ceilings or your orange peel ceilings, giving your home a sleek and restored look. Find out more today.

Why Hire a Texture Removal Professional?

Popcorn ceilings were an erstwhile choice for homeowners living it up in the 80s and 90s. However, times have evolved: television sets have tripled in size, and, arguably, our patience has dwarfed. So, when seeking quick, complete and professional texture removal service in Riverside for your popcorn or skip trowel ceilings, call Julian Ramos Painting. Texture ceiling removal renders several benefits, including:

  • Ridding of asbestos
  • Cleaner, sleek look
  • Easy to dust and clean ceilings
  • Updated appearance
  • No more textured grains falling from the ceiling

Sand, popcorn or lace textured ceilings can be hazardous if not handled professionally. Protect yourself and save time by leaning on our texture removal company in California for the job. No longer should you have to struggle, wiping gossamer from your corner ceilings and take umbrage from guests making quips about your interior style choice. We commit to providing quality workmanship, safe service and polite customer care to our beloved customers.

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